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UPE: Andre Butler .vs. Relentlezz Dre, who is Relentlezz Dre? How is he different than Andre?

Relentlezz: The difference between Andree' Butler and Relentlezz is, Andree' is laid back quiet, shy, and keep everything inside. Relentlezz says everything Andree' thinks about but wouldn’t say.

UPE: Why did you name this project, “The Last Sign of Hope”?

Relentlezz: I named it the "Last Sign of Hope" because I was going through a rough time and I’m not the type to follow trends. I like to make music from the heart and it seems like everyone likes to follow what they hear. The music that is being shoved in their face isn’t really that good or isn’t showing our youth anything positive. Me being me, I’m not going to dumb my music down so I said this mixtape is the last sign of hope for me. I share my heart and vision with the world if it’s going to be over looked by negativity and no thoughts or creativity behind mainstream music.

UPE: How does this project different from the others you have done?

Relentlezz: This album is different because every project I try to do better so I have different rap patterns and lyrically I grew.

UPE: In the song, “Tyranny”, you stated, “With all odds against me, I will change the world”, what is the cause behind this statement? What are the odds? How do you plan on changing the world?

Relentlezz: With the saying "with all odds against me, I will change the world", I’m from the country so I’m a good ole' country boy. I still believe in loyalty, respect and integrity and the world today don’t go by any of them. It’s a cold world out there and people forget it is still good people out here so with all odds against me I will change the world. I’m not changing the person I am. I am the underdog so I have to work extra hard just to keep up.

UPE: “Straight Chilin”, produced by Don Cox, was your first release from this project. Why was this particular track chosen to be the first?

Relentlezz: Straight Chillin was an experiment track for me. Don has a style that was different from what I’m used to so at first I wasn’t too sure about the track after we recorded it but he let people hear it that didn’t know me and they loved it. It grew on me also so we sat on the track for a few months and he was like, “Dre we need to get this out there”, so we pushed it and it gained a new audience for me.

 UPE: Who are some of the others that you worked with on vol. 4?



Relentlezz: The vocalists I worked with are: Lord Karma, G Nice, Redboi Rockem, Munch Dog, Marr J, Shayna Martin, Thin C, Black Sun, B Tha B-Boy, Slimm Goines, Multiple Man, and King Warz. The producers I worked with are: Shon Montana, Alqaida Sosa, C.moore, Pay-ru P, Don Cox, Thin C, Big Poppa Nard, Amadeus Bozart, and Cyrsiss beats.

UPE: Though Hip Hop is a male dominate industry, there are a lot of women that crave the sounds and messages that Hip Hop relays. You have a few tracks that are sexy and enticing. For instance, “Blue Light Special” and “Loose Control” that is vocally graced with voice of Shayna Martin. What inspired those tracks?

Relentlezz: Well when I heard the beats, I thought to myself, “damn these are some sexy beats”. When I heard "blue light special for some reason I thought of being in a room with a blue tint. I can be a very intimate person so if I feel someone is special enough they can get that special treatment. If I’m all into a person I probably would do anything to make sure they were happy lol.

UPE: Now like anyone else that is on their grind to fulfill their dreams, there are haters that are birthed to challenge your character and personality. “They Mad”, describes the motivation behind your haters in which, “They Mad”, is followed by “Hater Motivation”, what make these two stand out from the other songs out about haters?



Relentlezz: These songs were just to let people know you can say what you want but you can’t stop me. Most people who do tracks about haters want to rap about shooting them and all kinds of other bs. I don’t need to take it that far. I just let them know I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.

UPE: Everyone can relate to music that catches their attention. Often it’s the beat that gets people in the groove. “It Aint a Thang” and “Getting Money” are definitely club bangers. What inspired these two songs?

Relentlezz: I never really looked at those tracks as being club bangers. I’m not really a club person lol but they are beats that are different from what I’m used to. I just did my thing!

UPE: Your song, “Mind Not Right”, has mentions of your conscious and dead weight.  Was this written from experiences you have gone through? Can you give some examples without being too personal?

Relentlezz: I was going through a lot. I was depressed and it just felt like I had extra weight that just sat on my shoulders all day. Like the weight of the world is holding me down and I was just praying for extra strength to shake the negative vibes off me. I was most likely on the verge of losing my mind so I had to do something fast to prevent that from happening.

UPE: You start Vol. 4 with “Tyranny”, which means ultimate power and you end it with “There’s No Stopping Me”. How do all 19 tracks tie in together from the power to determination?

Relentlezz: I wanted to have like.... different moods in sections. I have a lot of motivation music because I love to see people doing their thing and when I see other people succeeding it gives me determination to push harder.

UPE: In vol. 4, what messages are you relaying to the following:

                                The ladies

                                The fellas

                                The streets

                                Your haters

                                Your supporters



Relentlezz: Well to the ladies... most and I stress most and not all; it’s still some good guys out here that can do music without disrespecting you. I see most ladies don’t mind dancing or supporting artists who refer to them as "B*tches". I’m not like that.  I’m a breath of fresh air plus I swear if I ever referred to woman as b*tches my grandma would come out of nowhere and smack me…….. hahahaha!

To the fellas... it’s up to us to set examples for our youth. I know I’m not perfect but I try to set examples. You don’t have to be a G, a thug or sound like you don’t know how to talk proper English to be cool. You can be cool just by being you!

To the streets... I’m coming to your ears soon!

To the haters... *In my T.I. voice* whaaaa uuuuuuuupppppp, whats haaaaaappppnniiinnn lol

To my supporters... Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for allowing to let me be ME! for listening to my words. I call my supporters family. I do that because you know how you have some close family that sit and listen to what you have to say so I refer to them as family. Thank ya'll for sitting and listening to what I have to say..........

UPE: Do you have any shout outs?

Relentlezz: I like to shout out everybody who participated in this project!!! This wouldn’t be what it is without you!! Shout out to all my family!!!

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